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Ways to Get the Best Nami Pieces

September 11, 2018 6 min read


Hey babes – happy March!  We’re already pretty far into spring and totally loving it – the weather, the clothes, the shoes, all of it.  So, we’ve been getting a lot of questions the past few weeks about how to find the absolute best pieces fromNami that suit you, your style, and your body type.  And don’t worry, babes – we’re totally here to help. 


AtNami we’re always working towards helping you both look and feel your absolute best.  We carefully curate totally gorgeous styles and incorporate our favorite trends in each and every piece we sell.  But we totally get it – finding the right style, piece, or look for you can be quite the challenge.  To help get you there, we’ve thrown together our favorite insider tips to help you get the bestNami pieces for you.  Happy shopping! 


Tip #1 –Become BFFs with Our Website 

Step one in finding the best pieces for you is to become super acquainted with ShopNami.com.  Our site is super easy to navigate and totally organized to help you find exactly what you need. 


Shop by Category 

One of the easiest ways to find exactly what you’ve been dreaming of is to shop by category.  Looking for the perfect pair of denim jeans?  You’ll totally find it under “DENIM.” On the hunt for a great duster jacket? Hit up “JACKETS & COATS” and you’re bound to find it. 


Shop by Price 

Browsing on a budget?  No worries babes – we’ve totally got you covered.  WithShopNami, not only can you Shop by Price, but also you can sort by price – low tohigh, or high to low!  That way you can totally stay in your budget and still get the perfect piece. 


Search itOut 

Can’t seem to find it no matter how you look?  You can totally search our site for keywords to find exactly what you need.  Want something floral but can’t figure out what?  Search for it and you’ll totally get exactly what you’ve been dreaming of and more.  


Tip #2 –Hit Up a Stylist 

Feeling a bit lost and need some help?  Never fear, babe.  We’ve got an army of expert on-staff stylists that are totally down to help you find exactly what you need.  Here’s how to get in touch with our amazing babes when you’re in dire need of assistance in finding the perfect outfit: 


Chat With Us 

Want a quick response on a burning question or just a friendly ear to chat with?  Feel free to hit us up on our chat – our stylists are standing by to help you find exactly what you’re looking for no matter what your budget or the occasion.  These expert babes are well versed in the latest styles and trends and totally know how to help any woman dress to flatter their unique body type. 


Shoot Us an Email 

Chatting online not your jam?  Or just don’t have the time to do it?  Never fear, GF – you can totally send us an email instead.  Simply jot down your problem (don’t know what to buy for your body type, having an issue finding something foran upcoming occasion, etc.) and hit us up.  Our stylists will get back to you and do the rest. 


Tip #3 – Know Your Body Type 

One of our favorite things to do atNami is to help you gorgeous babes find pieces that totally work for you, from head to toe.  And one of the best ways to get there is to know your unique body type.  AtNami we always try to call out which pieces look the best on which body types so that you’ll know ahead of time what will look totally amazing on you.  But if you know your own unique shape, you’ll be able to figure this out for yourself, too!   


Because of our different shapes and sizes, different pieces will look totally different on each and every one of us – some will even look better on certain body types than others!  Accurately knowing your body type is the first step in curating a closet that will look totally amazing on you day in and day out. 


Interested in finding out what your body type is?  Look no further – we’ve totally got you covered, GF.  Here’s our basic rundown of the different gorgeous body types of our fabulous customers: 



Babes with this body type are super proportionate, with a hip and bust ratio that match and a smaller natural waist, giving them that classic shape. 



GF – if you’ve got a pear body type you’ve gota booty and know how to rock it.  Pear shapes typically have a smaller bust and waist and a larger hip measurement. 



Lady – if you’re in the apple category, you’ve got stunning curves all over the place.  Apple body types have a symmetrical bust to waist to hip ratio with feminine curves throughout. 


Inverted Triangle 

Gals with this body type have a totally gorgeous bust line and a trim little waist and hip, almost like the opposite of the pear body type. 



If you have a rectangular body type, you have similar measurements in your bust, natural waistline, and hip. 


Lean Column 

Much like rectangular, lean column body types have similar measurements throughoutand a very slim, wispy appearance overall. 


If you’re confused about how to visibly find your body type, never fear babe.  Grab a tape measure and you can easily find this.  You’ll want to find three measurements: bust, natural waist, and hip:  


  • The bust measurement can be found by wrapping the measure evenly around your bust line.   
  • You can find your natural waist measurement by wrapping the tape measure evenly around your midsection just above the hipbone.   
  • Your hip measurement can be found by wrapping the measure around your lower body, just below the hipbone.   


Ta-dah – you’ve got your measurements and can totally figure out your body type in no time flat. 


Tip #4 –Check Out OurInsta 

Feeling a little lost on the style inspiration board?  Look no further, babe – our Instagram is totally where you should be headed.  Look us up at @ShopNamiStyle for the perfect collection of gorgeous looks, beautifulNami babes, and impeccable style all around.  When you’re feeling a bit lost and need a little inspiration on how otherNami Girls rock their pieces, head on over and you’ll find exactly what you need.  And with our Shop the Look feature, you’ll be able to find the pieces that youlove in no time at all. 


Already following us? Perfect.  Want to be featured?  Even better.  Show us how you style your totally gorgeous looks with #ShopNamiStyle and we might just feature you on our page. [Symbol] 


Tip #5 – Shop the Collection 

Still on the hunt for style inspiration?  Hit up our Shop the Collection page for our latest style obsession and to find your newest addiction.  Each week we carefully curate our favorite of-the-moment pieces and style them beautifully to serve as outfitinpso for all of our gorgeous babes.  And to make shopping even easier for you, we link out each and every piece on our collection page so that you can get your perfectly manicured hands on them in no time at all. 


With each week comes the opportunity for more style inspiration – be sure to check back to see what we’ll bethrowing together next.  You never know – it could totally be your dream outfit! 


Tip #6 – Read theNami Report 

You’retotallyalready on it, GF – TheNami Report is the perfect way to get you the style inspiration you need and help you find the pieces that absolutely need to become a part of your closet.  Each week we post multiple blogs about our latest obsessions, newest styles, totally gorgeousNami pieces, and so much more. 


If you’re in the mood for some super fun reading and some style inspiration, too, TheNami Report is totally the place for you go. 



So what’s your method of snagging the bestNami pieces? Any other tips?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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