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Our Spring Fashion Formula

September 11, 2018 6 min read


Hey lady – welcome back to TheNami Report.  We’re stoked you’re here and beyond excited to share our newest obsessions with you for thenew season.  Since we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on how to find the perfect look for the spring, we’ve decided to share one of our favorite secrets with you – our spring fashion formula.  This baby will help you perfect the perfect outfits for the season ahead and can totally carry over throughout the rest of the year with a few easy substitutions. 


Read on to discover our perfect spring fashion formula and how to get your ideal look for this gorgeous new season ahead.  Happy shopping, babes. 


Step #1 – Find the Perfect Base 

Our formula for the perfect outfit totally starts with the perfect base.  After all, you need something to build on, right?  Look for pieces that can be easily dressed up or down with accessories, bags, and more.  Try to find timeless basics that you can build up throughout the spring and beyond with trendier pieces for an easy transition and an easy to navigate closet. 


The Denim Jeans 

Starting the perfect outfit sometimes means picking the perfect bottoms – and we are totally all about the denim jeans for spring.  Look for a pair of plain black denim jeans, like ourLiquid Black Totally Distressed Denim Pants, fora piece that you can totally dress up or down to suit any occasion. 


The Not So Classic Tee 

You can’t go wrong with a timeless tee when it comes to finding the perfect base.  These babies are super easy to dress up or down and mix and match with other trendy pieces for the spring. Our favorite not so classic tee?  Definitely has to be ourEyelash T-Shirt – this bad boy has a timeless gray color and a playful subtle pattern that’s perfect for anything and everything in your closet. 


The Maxi Dress 

On the hunt for something that you can throw on and go?  Look no further, babe – the perfect maxi dress is what you need.  OurAll Maxed Out Dress in Heather Grey is totally the perfect choice for what you need with its mock-halter neckline and full-length hemline.  A side slit and a relaxed fit keep this baby easy to wear and totally comfortable no matter what comes your way. 


The Denim Jacket 

Last but not least in finding the perfect base is totally the classic denim jacket.  This topper is totally easy to throw on with anything and everything in your closet and is a total must-have for spring.  Us?  We’re going with our amazingTwo-Tone ‘Em Out Denim Jacket to get the job done, with its timeless shape and modern distressed detailing.  With its edgy two-toned striped pattern at the side and frayed hemline, this jacket is perfect from collar to hem. 


Step #2 – Add a BoldPattern 

The next step in our equation is to drop in a bold pattern.  For the spring we’re all about incorporating the next generation of patterns in our day-to-day outfit formula.  This season – we’re all about the classics, the florals, the stripes, and the combination prints. 


The Classic 

Nothing elevates your look quite like the perfect vintage-inspired pattern.  Adding a touch of elegant classic patterning to your look is the perfect way to make your spring attire next level.  We’d totally recommend ourPrints Charming Wide Leg Pants to do the trick – these babies have the perfect oversized silhouette that’s slightly relaxed and totally gorgeous from top to bottom.  With their flirty floral print and contemporary allure, these pants are totally it for spring. 


The Floral 

You can’t possibly go wrong with florals for spring and we’re totally all about it.  This season we’re ready to rock our favorite florals and look totally fabulous in the process.  We’re planning on breaking out ourGrow Up Floral Ruffled Blouse ASAP with its amazing pattern and ruffled bodice.  The bell sleeves add that perfectly flirty little detail that totallyhave us in love. 


The Stripe 

Florals not really your thing?  Go for stripes instead.  This season our classic stripes are making a comeback, with versions in graphic black and white and muted pastels.  To get in on this stripe game we’re planning on breaking out ourLet’s Stripe to It Duster Jacket.  The totally gorgeous and insanely bold black and whitepattern have us in love and dying to wear this duster all season long. 


The Combination 

Not for the faint of heart – the combination pattern is one of our newest favorites.  This bad boy combines multiple colors, patterns, styles, and more for an in-your-face look that’s totally gorgeous. Our favorite combo piece? Definitely ourLethal Combination Blouse.  This baby combines two eye-catching colored stripes in a moderncut-out silhouette with classic details. Our kind of killer combination. 


Step #3 – Multiply Your Accessories 

What’s the perfect way to take your outfit to the next level?  Adding the perfect accessories, of course.  No matter what you’re rocking or where you’re headed, adding a touch of sparkle or the perfect shades will totally make your outfit absolutely amazing. 


The Geometric Earring 

One of our favorite accessory trends for spring totally has to be the resurgence of the geometric earring.  We’re totally in love with the shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to our edgyAll About the Angles Geometric Earrings.  These babies combine beautiful pastels with rich earthy tones and a gold metal base for the perfect combination. 


The Sparkle Earring 

If you’re more on the glamorous side of things, get ready to add some sparkle to your look.  The statement sparkle earring is all the rage for spring, and we’re totally ready for it.  We’re going to break outDrop the Color Earrings and let them do the talking for the spring and beyond with their gorgeous color and vivid sparkle. 


The Cat Eye Sunglasses 

If you’re dreaming of a vintage-inspired look for the spring, cat eye sunglasses might be just what you need.  And ourBlack Cat Eye Vintage Sunglasses are the perfect pair to do the trick, with a slightly oversized fit and an exaggerated angled edge.  Their classic black tint is perfect for coordinating with any outfit, too. 


The Circle Sunglasses 

Cat eye sunglasses not really your thing?  Never fear, babe – circle sunglasses are totally in for spring, too.  Our favorite iteration totally has to be ourPink Mirrored Flat Lens Round Sunglasses – these babies have a gorgeous oversized fit and an edgy mirrored lens that has a trendy pink tint to it. 


Step #4 – Carry the Perfect Bag 

One of the pieces you definitely can’t forget is to carry the perfect bag with your outfit.  This step can help make or break your look and can totally help you to take it to the next level of stylish. 


The Bright Bag 

First up definitely has to be the perfect vividly bright bag.  This is a fantastic way to add some much-needed color to your look and an eye-catching effect where it is needed.  We’d totally recommend ourOrange Chain Purse for this job, thanks to its bold red-orange color and edgy chain strap. 


The Clutch 

Next up on our list of must-havebags definitely has to be the perfect clutch.  Whether you’re heading to a destination wedding or out for drinks with the girls, having the perfect spring-inspired clutch is a must-have.  This season we’re all about our Vera Clutch thanks to its bold geometric design and stunning beaded material. 


The Statement Bag 

When all else fails, add a statement bag.  This is the perfect way to take your outfit up a notch for any occasion and is an easy way to add a pop of color or texture. Our favorite option? Definitely ourBlack Bali Bamboo Bag.  This baby has the perfect oversized design, a beautiful wooden finish, and a timeless black color that makes it perfect for pairing with pretty much everything in your closet. 


Step #5 – Subtract the Haters 

One of the last steps in our tried-and-true spring fashion formula is to subtract out those haters.  You don’t need them in your life, and you definitely shouldn’t have them anywhere near your closet.  Cut them out and do your own thing – trust us, you won’t regret it. 


Step #6 – Find Your Own Solution 

Babes, when all else fails – find your own solution.  The perfect spring outfit totally depends on your personal sense of style, your body type, and what you prefer.  We’ve given you our methods, now it’s time for you to discover everything that you’ve been dreaming of and more for yourself. 


Don’t be afraid to express your own style through what you’re rocking for spring.  Not a fan of feminine florals?  No bigdeal – skip it and go for a pattern that’s more up your alley.  Not big on pastels?  Don’t worry, babe – you can totally go for spring brights instead.  No matter what your personal sense of style, there’s totally the perfect outfit combination for you out there.  With our formula and your impeccable taste, you’re bound to get there in no time at all. 



What’s your spring outfit formula?  Do you have any recommendations for us in crafting the perfect look?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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