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Nami’s Gift Guide – Valentine’s Edition

September 11, 2018 6 min read


Babe – it’s FINALLY February.  And you know what that means – Valentine’s Day, or for many of us, Single’s Day!  That means romantic dates, super cute outfits, and gifts galore.  Whether you’re spoiling yourself, your squad, or that special someone, never fear – we’ve totally got you covered.   


To help you get your shopping taken care of in no time at all, we’ve put together a flawless list of Valentine’s Day must-haves that are absolutely perfect for anyone on your list.  Read on to discover ourfaves and happy shopping, babes! 



Jewelry Must-Haves 

Let’s face it – jewelry is and always will be one of the hottest gifts to give for Valentine’s Day.  And TBH, we’d totally be stoked to get it, too.  Whether you’re an accessories girl or not, being gifted the perfect bracelet, necklace, ring, or earrings can really make something great turn into something absolutely amazing.  For us, we’d definitely prefer the earrings route – we know they’ll always fit and they’re the perfect way to draw attention to your beautiful face. 


The Classic Stud 

Nothing says timeless beauty quite like the perfect stud earring.  Whether you’re looking for something simple or something totally fabulous, this piece is always a great choice to give or receive.  Not only does it work for women who like to be demure with their accessories, but it’s also a great way to make a subtle statement for those who prefer a little something extra. 


Our favorite pair?  Definitely theHey There Stud VintageGoldtone Earring, hands down.  This gorgeous piece combines super classy vintage inspiration with edgymodern style for a head-turning piece that will have any gal head over heels.  With its subtle sparkle and super chic oversized pearl piece, she won’t be able to resist. 


The Oversized Hoop Earring 

These babies are made for the girl who loves to throw back to the 90’s but still wants to look contemporary chic.  Oversized hoops are totally making a comeback and are absolutely perfect for the modernstylista who wants her accessories to make a subtle yet striking statement. 


We absolutely adore this style, and we know she’ll fall head over heels for the edgyHooped on a Feeling Earrings.  These sexy little numbers are designed with an oversized geometric shape and a beautiful gold tone for an effect that will go with anything and everything in her closet. 


The Tassel Earring 

For the more daring among us, the tassel earring is the perfect choice thanks to its statement-making shape and gorgeous movement.  These beautiful pieces are perfect for the woman who loves to have all eyes on her wherever she goes and with whatever she is wearing. 


Think your lady will love this piece?  We’d recommend our total stunners – theOmbre All Day Tassel Earrings in Blue.  With their super sexy cascading design and stylish subtle ombre effect, she won’t be able to resist snapping up these babies and slipping them on immediately. 


The Statement Crystal Earring 

Let’s take it up another notch with the statement crystal earring. These babies are perfect for the woman on your list who literally wants to set fires wherever she goes with how totally amazing she looks.  She knows what she wants, and that is to be the center of attention for all of the right reasons. 


Know a girl like this who absolutely needs a pair of these babies?  Snag the absolutely fabulousDrop That Crystal Earrings and get them over to her ASAP.  Trust us – she’s totallygonna flip (in a totally good way). 


Bags That Basically Every Girl Needs 

Trust us – these bags are totally it.  No matter who’s on your list or what her sense of style is, the perfect handbag is definitely the piece to do the trick.  Whether she’s obsessed with clutches or totally all about the latest tote bag, we’ve absolutely got what you need to wow her. 


The Total Tote Bag 

For the girl who wants her handbag to be just as functional as it is stylish.  The tote bag is perfect for women of all different styles thanks to its oversized design and ability to carry all 20 lipsticks that you need each and every day.  Whether she’s a woman working on her career or working on her fitness, a fabulous tote bag is always a fantastic choice. 


What’s our favorite tote?  We totally love our gorgeousNicola Wine Tote.  With its sleek design and oversized shape, she can easily carry around her everyday necessities for work or play.  And with its two-in-one handle and crossbody strap, carrying her life around in a bag will be a total breeze. 


The Cute Clutch 

For the girl who spends more evenings out at the bar than on late night conference calls, a super cute statement clutch is the perfect choice.  These babies are the perfect grab-and-go piece for when your outfit just needs a little extra oomph to really hit the level that you’re going for. 


We’d totally recommend snagging our stunner of a bag – theSquad Clutch – for anyone on your list.  This sexy little number will do all the talking for them, with bold beading in a graphic design that will leave her (and everyone around her) totally speechless when you hand it over. 


The Statement Bag 

Sometimes a woman just needs something a little extra in her handbag.  Enter the statement bag.  These babies range in size and style and are perfect for making a jaw-dropping appearance at any event.  This style of bag is ideal for the woman who is self-confident and bold, willing to make heads turn and jaws drop everywhere she goes. 


Want to snag this bad boy for someone on your list?  We’d totally recommend our gorgeousBlack Bali Bamboo Bag.  This gorgeous piece has a super edgy rounded appearance with a showstopping open design.  It’s totally perfect for that stunner on your list! 


Sunnies to Keep Out That Shade 

Let’s face it – sometimes it gets sunny and sometimes it gets shady.  But, you can always be sure that a gorgeous pair of sunglasses is the perfect choice for any lucky lady on your Valentine’s Day gift list. 


The Classic Cat Eye 

For that timeless beauty in your life.  The classic cat eye sunglasses are a totally gorgeous option for the woman who loves the beauty from the 50’s and the glam of modern times.  Their elongated shape and oversized fit practically screams Hollywood silver screen star, making them perfect for the woman who is a star in and ofherself. 


Get your hands on the perfect pair for that super star in your life with our beautifulNeutral Colored Cat Eye Sunglasses.  These babies feature a super chic clear frame with flat rounded lenses in neutral colors for a stylish wear that she can easily add to any outfit in no time at all. 


The Rounded Sunglasses 

Perfect for theboho babe in your life, rounded sunglasses give off those classic 60’s and 70’s vibes but with a modern luxe feel that’s certain to leave her breathless.  Typically designed with an oversized fit, these babies are great for women who want to add a little bit of edgy femininity to their look. 


We’d totally recommend our gorgeousNeutral Round Sunglasses for that woman on your list who fits theboho persona with a stylish edge.  Trust us – these babies will look totally amazing with anything and everything in her closet.  And if you want to take it up a notch, gift her the amazingPink Mirrored Round Sunglasses.  She will absolutely lose her mind. 


For the Scent Lover 

There’s those of us that totally love the smells of perfumes, candles, matches, everything.  They love to experience the beauty that the world has to offer through the beautiful smells they can find.  For these sensual women, candles are always a perfect gifting choice. 


Looking for the perfect candle to spoil that special someone rotten?  Take a look at our totally fabulous selection of 100% USA grown soy wax candles inGrapefruit + Bergamot,Guava + Fig, andPeony +Salt.  These luscious babies are carefully poured into a luxurious and reusable clear rock glass for the ultimate in luxe experience that will certainly leave her breathless.  Each one of these high-end candles comes packaged in a totally gorgeous white gift box, making it perfect to give as is. 


Because Stationary isAddicting 

Any lover of stationary can tell you – it’s totally addicting.  And when you find that perfect notebook or set of letterhead, you absolutely have to buy it, even if you’ll never use it.  For the woman obsessed with writing and collecting adorable prints, stationary is always a fantastic choice. 


Want to get an inexpensive gift for this lucky lady in your life?  We’d totally recommend ourSet of 3 Pocket Journals.  Not only do you get three for one,but these super cute pocket-sized marbled journals totally beg to be seen.  She’ll be toting these around in her handbag, keeping them at her office, and on her bedside table. 



Got everything you need, babes?  Let us know whatyour gifting yourbesties or that special lady in the comments below! 

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