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How to Wear Pastels This Spring

September 11, 2018 6 min read


Babes – it’s finally that time of year again.  Time to ditch the jewel tones and break out the pastels!  Now we love a great deep burgundy or navy as much as the next girl, but we’re ready for something new, something fresh.  Enter the pastel. 


Pastels are definitely a tried and true tradition that usually springs up around Easter, but we’re totally all about them for the whole season ahead.  We know they can be kind of intimidating if you’re not a huge fan of traditional pastels, but no worries babe.  This season our favorite pastels are being updated with new hues and bold ways to style them that may just be right up your alley.  Read on to discover how we’ll be rocking pastels all spring long (and maybe into summer and fall, too!). 


Go Bold in Baby Blue 

What’s our favorite pastel color?  It definitely has to be baby blue.  Once a fave of our early 2000’s style icons (think Paris Hilton and her crew), this totally gorgeous color just might be making a comeback.  This spring we’re totally all about throwing some beautiful baby blues into our wardrobes in new ways – we’re nixing the head to toe Juicy velour tracksuits you may remember and going for something a little more modern. 


Let’s start it out with something simple and easy to wear – the cropped shirt.  Our totally gorgeousCroppin’ Denim Top is definitely what you need thanks to its timeless silhouette and eye-catching baby blue chambray color.  The classic button-up style pairs perfectly with this trendy color, taking it to a whole new level of stylish.  This baby is totally easy to throw on with anything in your closet – white jeans, shorts, you name it – making it perfect for anything that comes your way this spring. 


Want to get in on this trend with your accessories?  Highly recommend, GF.  Our favorite baby blue accessory this season definitely has to be our fabulousDon’t Tassel on Me Earrings in Blue.  These bad boys feature an oversized shape with a gorgeous woven texture that pairs perfectly with the pastel blue color.  Paired with the subtle gold detailing, these statement earrings are totally perfect for making your outfit next level and adding pastels without overdoing it. 


If pale blue isn’t really up your alley, we get it babe.  Go for something with a little more to it, like ourTotally Maxed Out Dress in Summer Blue.  This baby is still strong on the pastel trend, but amps the blue hue up a notch with a little more depth.  In combination with the fabulous maxi length and those super edgy ruffled cold shoulders, this dress is totally destined to be a major part of your wardrobe all spring and beyond. 


Keep it Cute in Pale Pink 

Next up on our list of must-have pastel colors definitely has to be the classic pale pink.  This season, our go-to fave millennial pink gets a small update with a slightly lighter color and an influx of new shapes and styles.  Pale pink unfortunately does not work with all skin tones, so be certain to check your skin against the clothes or accessories that you are considering purchasing before you do. 


Ready to dive head first into this cute new color?  Go with our totally gorgeousX-ed Out Jumpsuit to get the job done.  This baby brings a relaxed, draped silhouette to the table and pairs it with fabulous pale pink for a feminine and flirtatious appearance.  The totally gorgeous open crossed back adds an edgy touch to this look that makes it perfect for dressing up or down for the spring. 


Jumpsuits not really your thing?  In that case, we’d totally recommend ourAll About That Ankle Pants in Peony.  These not-so-classic pants feature a boyfriend style silhouette with subtle distressing throughout for an edgy effect that pairs beautifully with the feminine peony pink color.  The chic ankle length keeps these pants super flattering to wear and ultra-comfortable, making them perfect for anything that comes your way this spring season. 


Want to add a dash of pale pink with your accessories? Slip on our fierce and fabulousDisco Down Woven Earring in Pink and you’re totally set.  These babies feature an amazing oversized silhouette with a dropped design that is perfect for accenting your gorgeous face.  A beautiful woven texture throughout adds a touch of visual interest that pairs perfectly with the feminine pink hue for a dazzling finishing touch. 


Leave ‘Em Breathless in Lavender 

Pink or blue not really your thing?  Don’t worry, babe – there’s always another color on the horizon for you.  This season, we’re totally digging lavender, too!  Purple has to be one of our all-time favorite colors, and we’re head over heels in love with the idea of something light and lavender for spring.  This muted tone looks totally amazing on all different women of all different skin tones, so don’t be afraid to indulge your addiction and get everything you want on your lavender list. 


Our favorite lavender piece for spring?  Definitely has to be our totally sexyHey Shorty Lavender Shorts.  These babies combine a super kicked back and relaxed style with a fashion-forward print and design details for a totally gorgeous look from top to bottom.  A super comfortable and stretchy gathered waistband makes these bad boys perfect for wearing day in and day out, no matter where the spring takes you. 


Thinking of throwing on some lavender in another way?  Opt for a pair of earrings to do the trick, babe.  If you want to make a total statement, look for a pair like ourDisco Down Woven Earrings in Purple – with their oversized shape and totally gorgeous woven texture throughout, you’ll definitely have people staring everywhere you go.  Simply slip these babies on with anything in your closet and you’re totally set for anything that spring throws your way. 


Want something a little more avant garde in the accessories department?  We’d totally recommend ourDon’t Tassel on Me Earrings in Purple to get this job done.  These bad boys feature a chic oversized design adorned with eye-catching tassels for a dazzling touch of movement and an edgy overall appearance.  With the woven center and beautiful texture throughout, you’ll be destined to be in the limelight no matter where you go. 


Throw Them Off With Something Unexpected 

If you really want to get them going with your springtime wardrobe, try something a little more out of the box.  Opt for pastels that you wouldn’t normally see on your favorite style stars for a look that will truly stand out from the rest.  After all, who really wants to look just like everyone else anyways?  Babe – if you’re destined to be a star, don’t be afraid to shine like one with what you’re rocking. 


First up on our list of unexpectedly chic pastels for spring totally has to be yellow.  Sometimes a scary color to wear, yellow is one of our all-time favorite hues for when we really want to catch somebody’s eye and make a statement.  This spring we’ll be rocking our totally gorgeous Your Biggest Fan Earrings in Yellow for a bold pop of pastel color.  This hue looks totally amazing on women with darker skintones and those with golden undertones, but can look unflattering on women with light skin and red undertones.  Always check before you buy. 


Next up on our list totally has to be pastel green.  This color can be pretty tricky to pull off, especially because some pastels can tend to fall into the ‘puke’ zone, so be certain that what you’re looking at is both flattering on you and on-trend.  If you’re looking for the perfect example, check out our gorgeousI Moss You Baby Dress.  This flirty little number has the perfect pale hue of moss green and a beautiful vintage-inspired print for the perfect unexpectedly bold springtime dress.  Coupled with its amazing bell sleeves and ruffled detailing, this frock is destined to be a favorite for many months to come. 


Last on our list of unexpected pastel hues is one of our favorites – champagne!  We love this color almost as much as our favorite adult beverage and are stoked to bring it into our wardrobes for spring.  If you’re looking to add some champagne to your closet, opt for something with a subtle sheen, like ourPop the Bubbly Woven Skirt for a chic and understatedly sexy look.  With its timeless shape and eye-catching shimmery design, this skirt is totally perfect for any springtime outfit you can create. 



How will you be rocking pastels this spring, babes?  Any suggestions or tips for us?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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