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Hourglass Body Type

August 22, 2019 2 min read

Fly Girl, have you been wondering what you should wear if you have a particular body type? Well wonder no more.

You're a Hourglass Body Type if...

  • You describe your body as curvy
  • Well Defined Waist
  • Bust and Hip Measurement are roughly even
  • Fuller Bust, Hips and Thighs

Hourglass figures are often the envy of most women, but that doesn't mean dressing for your figure is easy.

Now that you've identified your body type, let's style it up!

The key to dressing your Hourglass body is:

  1. Define your Waist
  2. Show off your fly feminine lady curves

You have amazing curves -- embrace them sis!! Look for body hugging silhouettes that hit you in the right places. Say it with me now: FITTED! FITTED! FITTED! Celebrate your waist and highlight your neckline.

You'll want to look for:

Everything from the most basic tees (like casual tees) to button up blouses should be fitted to show off your narrow waist.

Enjoy flexibility when it comes to sleeve length! Want to draw the eye to your waist? Try elbow length sleeves. Love to show off your arms? Try a cap sleeve, flutter sleeve or even a tank top.

Look for jackets that show off your waist! A classic trench, fitted blazers, cropped silhouettes and bomber jackets with elastic waistbands look amazing on you.

STAY AWAY FROM:Boxy and Flowy styles - they won't do your curves justice. Instead focus on silhouettes that draw the eye to the most slender part of your frame.


Fly Girl your figure was made for dresses. Reach for iconic silhouettes like wrap dresses or fit & flare. These shapes will naturally play up your best features. Want to do something new? An empire silhouette also works wonders! Why? They highlight your natural waist. If you love a dress and it's a trapeze or other loose fitting silhouette, simply add a belt.

GENERAL RULE = When in doubt, belt it!!

Skinny jeansand fitted trousers are perfect for showing off the curves of yur hip and the taper of your leg, and work best when the inseam is regular. Skinny waist belts are your best friend! If you're looking to play up your bust, choose a necklace length that hits at or slightly below your collarbone. Your shape is already balanced, you don't need any extra details (like large seams or cargo pockets) to accentuate your hips.

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