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Ask Nami: How do I Style a Duster?

September 11, 2018 6 min read


Welcome back to AskNami, where we answer your super pressing fashion questions and give you the advice that you need to rock your look day in and day out.  From styling to colors, patterns to prints, we’re here to make sure that you look and feel your absolute best in whatever you’re wearing. 


Today we’re answering questions about our latest wardrobe obsession – the duster jacket.  Hunting for style tips or just more information about this totally gorgeous piece?  Read on to discover everything you need and more. 




Q:  So what is a duster anyways? 

A:  You might be surprised to discover – you may already have a duster coat in your closet!  These gorgeous pieces have beena cold weather staple for many years thanks to their super practical and cozy all-day wear.   


Funny enough, these coats were first designed as a light, full-length piece for horseman to wear who needed to keep their clothing dust-free while out and about on the road or trail.  They then evolved to be a staple for both men and women in the 19th and 20th centuries to keep their expensive clothing safe from the dirt of the road as they drove their totally open motorcars. 


Now, enter the modern duster.  This sexy piece is designed with a loose fitting, knee-length shape and an open front with optional closures. They are often accented by lapel collars, ties, and buttons and come in a variety of textures and patterns.  These pieces often feature subtle tailoring at the waist for a more feminine fit that skimsthe body beautifully. 


Q:  Wait – that sounds like a trench coat.  What’s the difference? 

A: Totally great catch, babe.  Duster coats are a lot like trench coats – the difference lies in the construction!   


Trenches always have a front closure, whether it’s buttons or ties or both, to keep the wearer’s clothing underneath dry and comfortable.  Contrary to this, dusters don’t necessarily need a front closure to still be toasty and cozy to wear.   


Additionally, trench coats often have a utilitarian feel that is very structured in design.  Compared to this, dusters have a more open and free shape with curved edges throughout. 


Finally, trench coats are typically designed with a lightweight fabric that is water-resistant, perfect for throwing on over an outfit when there’s a downpour outside.  On the other hand, dusters are designed with materials that aren’t exactly made for rain.   


Q: So does that mean that dusters are typically worn only during the wintertime? 

A:  Not exactly! Most modern-day duster jackets are designed for colder weather, with heavier fabrics and long sleeves to keep the wearer super cozy and comfortable no matter how low the temperature gets.  However, there are many dusters out there designed for cooler weather with lighter fabrics and bold patterns. 


Q: What body types look best in a duster? 

A:  Great news, babes – everyone looks totally amazing in a duster.  Their body-skimming shape and often-tailored design flatter feminine curves and add totally gorgeous visual texture.  So, whether you’re an apple or hourglass, rectangle or lean column, or inverted triangle or pear, these babies will look absolutely amazing on you. 


However, if you are a rectangle, lean column, or apple body type, we would recommend opting for a tailored design rather than a classic or loose fit, as the tailoring will add an accent to the natural waistline and create a super flattering hourglass-like effect. 


Q: Am I too short for a duster? 

A:  Absolutely not!  Dusters typically hit about the knee, but they will still look totally amazing if they’re even longer.  Just think of how amazing a floor-sweeping design will look as you enter a room – you’ll absolutely have everyone staring. 


Q:  So how do I style a duster? 

A:  Fabulous question – and one that we’re so stoked to help you answer.  Styling a duster is as easy as slipping it on over anything in your closet.  Trust us – this baby will do the rest for you.  BUT – if you’re looking for some can’t-fail recipes for the perfect wintertime look with your brand new fall obsession, we’re totally here to help. 


The Classic Duster 

Let’s start with the basics.  The classic duster jacket features a relaxed shape with a slightly tailored design that slims the figure in all of the right ways.  These pieces typically come with an open front anda detailed lapel for an eye-catching effect that looks just as amazing as it feels. 


So how do you easily style the classic duster jacket?  Simply slip it on over your favorite fitted white tee and a pair of high-waisted dark denim skinny jeans for an easy look that you can dress up for any season.  Add a pair of ankle boots and an oversized knitted scarf for the winter and you’re totally set.  Want to style it for the summer season?  Slip on a pair of barely there heeled sandals with some statement jewelry and you’ve got the perfect look, day or night. 


Want to get your hands on this timeless number?  Snag our fabulousMake the Gray-de Draped Duster and you’re totally set.  With a sleek oversized design and a body-skimming shape, this topper is destined to become a staple in your closet from day one. And that sexy suede fabric?  This duster is totally perfect for any season, from spring to winter and everywhere in between. 


The Distressed Duster 

Don’t get distressed –we’re totally here to help you style this gorgeous little number.  This style of duster is on the newer side of the spectrum, with a classic shape and striking distressing throughout for an edgy head-turning appearance.  Because of this, it is more often considered to be a casual piece rather than a formal one. 


So how do you style the distressed duster?  It totally depends on the situation.  Heading out for a daytime brunch with the girls?  Add a pair of super comfortable joggers, a graphic tee, and some platform sneakers for the perfect model-off-duty look.  Or are you on the hunt for a laid-back date night look?  Slip on this duster with a pair of cropped bell flare jeans, a v-neck tee, and a pair of sky-high barely there heeled sandals for a look that he won’t soon forget. 


Want to get your hands on the perfect one of these bad boys for your wardrobe arsenal?  Check out our super sexyTotally Distressed Duster for the ultimate in classic cool.  This gorgeous piece features an oversized fit with a super soft knitted feel and edgy distressing throughout.  All in all, the perfect piece for any time of the year. 


The Tailored Duster 

Last but not least is the tailored duster.  This piece takes on the super stylish details of the classic duster jacket but with a sexy modern appeal.  These dusters often have structured shoulders and lapel collars with a slimming tailoring at the hip for an effect that accents feminine curves in all of the right ways.  They mayfeatured an extended hemline or curved effect for a touch of elegant movement and class. 


So how do you style the tailored duster?  Easy – with anything in your closet!  Thanks to its structured fit and slimming design, this style is easy to wear with anything and everything you own. Want to rock it for your next night out?  Add a pair of high waisted denim pants, a simple white tee, and a pair of sky-high barelythere nude sandals for an endlessly gorgeous look that is certain to have all eyes on you.  Or, dress it down for the day with dark leggings and an oversized graphic tee for an easy look that can take you from brunch to running errands with ease. 


Want to get your hands on the perfect tailored duster?  We’d recommend our insanely gorgeousLet’s Stripe to It Duster.  This contemporary piece is designed with a sexy body-skimming silhouette and a bold black and white striped pattern for an edgy duster that is certain to make a statement anywhere you go. 



All in all, we have to say that we’re totally obsessed with the duster coat and just how easy it is to style.  With its wear anytime fit and beautiful timeless design, these pieces are totally certain to be a wardrobe staple for years and years to come.  So, what are you waiting for?  Better get your hands on one of these babies before they’re all gone. 

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