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Ask Nami: How Do I Pack for a Vacation?

September 11, 2018 6 min read


Hey babes!  It’s almost that time of the year – you know what we mean.  VACAY TIME!  With the weather warming up and spring break almost here, it’s time to break out of our day-to-day rut and break into something relaxing and totally needed.  Whether you’re traveling internationally for a luxury getaway, having astaycation at home, or simply taking a weekend off to hit the beach in style, our spring vacations are everything. 


But packing what youneed can be a pretty big challenge, especially if your storage space is limited (hello, carry-on bags!).  What can you do to make sure that you have all of your little necessities and your stylish must-haves all safe and secure before you travel?  Don’t worry, GF – we’ve totally got you covered.  Read on to discover how we pack our bags for our glorious getaways through asking ourselves a few simple questions. 


Question #1:WhereAre You Headed? 

Definitely the first thing you should be asking yourself when you’re getting ready to pack is totally where you’re headed.  The place that you’ll end up is everything when you’re planning what to bring with you and what to wear. 


The Beautiful Beach 

Hitting up a gorgeous tropical location for your dreamvacay?  Be sure to pack accordingly, taking the warmer sunny weather into consideration.  Don’t forget your swimsuit and go-to trendy shades, like our totally gorgeousBlack Cat Eye Vintage Sunglasses.  Be sure to bring a few flowy dresses to throw on when you’re hitting up the beachside bars, such as our amazingGarden Party Maxi Dress, and throw in a pair ofsummery heeled sandals. 


The Urban Adventure 

Hitting up somewhere a little more on the urban end of the spectrum, like New York City?  Make sure you check the weather andlocation beforehand and pack accordingly.  Pack comfortable shoes just in case you need to walk from place to place, like our totally gorgeousTate Suede Sneakers.  Be sure to bring the perfect urban-inspired jacket, too, such as our amazingRide On Suede Jacket and you’re totally set. 


The European Getaway 

Going somewhereon the posh side for yourvacay?  Do some research ahead of time and figure out what the locals are rocking before you go.  Look at local influencers on Instagram for style inspiration and hit up some travel blogs for tips on what to wear.  If all else fails, stick to the classics, such as ourJoelle Black Backpack, to keep it simple.  After all, you don’t want to stick out like a tourist when you’re trying to blend in and have a relaxing time, right? 


Question #2:HowLong is the Adventure? 

Next up on your list should totally be the length of your vacation.  Depending on how long you’re gone, you’ll need to pack the right number of outfits, the perfect amount of toiletries, and anything else you need to enter utter relaxation mode in style. 


The Short and Sweet 

If you’re heading out for a weekend excursion or an overnight adventure, you can totally pack light.  Only bring the necessities, such as makeup and other toiletries, and an outfit or two so that you have a few options.  Try to pack a pair of shoes that you can match to anything you bring, such as ourCarrson Block Heels, so that you have more room in your grab-and-go bag for everything else that you need. 


The Long Haul 

Heading out for a little bit longer of a vacation?  Look to pack gorgeous separates that you can rock in different outfit sets in order to maximize your space.  Keep these pieces on the more classic side and make sure that you can mix and match them easily.  You can always change it up with accessories, too, if you pack carefully. 


We’d totally recommend finding the perfect pair of black pants, like ourIn the Fray Cropped Denim Pants in Black, to take with you – these babies can easily match with anything and everything on your packing list.  We’d also definitely say to pack a few simple tops that you can dress up or down with accessories, like our totally amazingCream of the Crop Top.  That way you have multiple outfit options and look totally amazing in the process. 


Question #3: How Are You Getting There? 

Totally next is the question of how you’re getting to your fabulous vacation destination.  Not only will this determine what you should rock while you’re traveling, but it’ll also affect what and how much you can bring.  



Taking a car to your vacation destination?  This may be the best of both worlds for you – you’ll probably have more space to relax in on the way there and more room to pack the perfect collection of outfits!  Even if the journey takes longer than other methods, the way there is half the fun, right?  And the best part – you can totally dress comfortably, like in ourKickin’ It Olive Jumpsuit to stay laid back and stylish the whole way there. 



Going by plane to your fabulous destination?  This may be the most glamorous (or unglamorous) method of travel and the fastest way to get where you’re headed, but you’re totally going to find yourself limited in terms of space.  If you’re trying to save money and pack a carry-on only, you’re going to run out of room pretty gosh darn quickly.  And not to mention you may be out of luck when it comes to toiletries, too.  But if you’re checking your bag, you totally have plenty of room to work with.[Symbol] 


Question #4:Who’s Going With You? 

Don’t forget –who you’re traveling with can totally make a huge difference, too.  You wouldn’t bring the same clothes when you’re traveling with yourfam as when you were traveling with that special someone, would you?  Always make sure that whatever you’re planning on packing is appropriate for the vacation and the people you’ll be with.  Trust us – you’ll thank us later. 


Question #5:What’s the Occasion? 

Last but not least totally has to be the occasion. If you’re just traveling for a personal vacation, no worries here, babe.  Just keep on packing and don’t mind us over here.  BUT – if you’re traveling for a certain occasion, you always need to take it into consideration in what you’re packing.  After all, you don’t want to be caught without the pieces that you need to look totally amazing at any event, regardless of where you are. Here’s our tips for our top vacation occasions from ourNami girls:  


The Bachelorette 

Going on a girls’ trip for a bachelorette party?  Don’t forget to bring your going out essentials – a few totally gorgeous mini dresses, like ourCherryPoppin’ Wrap Mini Dress, and some strappy statement heels will totally do the trick.  Snag an eye-catching clutch, such as ourSQUAD Clutch, and some matching earrings to bring and you’re ready for any mayhem that comes your way. 


The Destination Wedding 

Hitting up a destination wedding with someone special?  Pick a gown that fits the location and formality of the event, andmatch it witha pair of gorgeous shoes and you’re totally set.  Don’t forget to to bring your accessories a-game, too, by packing your favorite coordinating pieces.  Be sure to pack a clutch or handbag that you can use for the event as well, like ourBlack Bali Bamboo Bag, rather than your tried-and-true travel bag. 


The Romantic Getaway 

Traveling with that special someone?  Totally plan on bringing, among other things, the perfect selection of outfits for memorable nights out and gorgeous accessories to match.  Pack something that can be dressed up or down for any occasion, such as ourDouble Crossed Maxi Dress, as well as a more casual option, like ourI’ve Got My Eyelet on You Mini Dress, to give you endless options in looking totally gorgeous for those romantic days and nights ahead. 


The Personal Journey 

Because sometimes you just need to get away from everything – and everyone.  If you’re planning on taking a vacation on your own to do some personal soul-searching or just have some alone time, what you pack to wear is totally up to you.  Bring whatever you think is necessary for your adventure ahead, and don’t be afraid to take the journey on your own, babe. 



How do you plan your vacation packing?  Do you have any tips for us?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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