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March 18, 2021 4 min read

Are you in the mood to put on one of your sexy dresses, but unsure if the occasion calls for it? Do you wonder what the proper setting is to put women's dresses that have a little flash and flair?

If so, then you need to learn all that you can about when to wear sexy dresses to attract all eyes on you. There are more occasions to do so than you might've originally thought. 

See below for an in-depth guide that highlights all of the times and situations wear a puff sleeve top, puff sleeve dress, or any other sexy dress that would be acceptable to wear.


1. First Date

You may currently be in the market for some new dresses to add a bit more vibrancy and sexiness to your wardrobe. If so, then be sure to shop black fashion designers that encourage you to embrace your curves, not hide them.

The main reason that most ladies look to freshen up their closet is when they want to get out and meet someone new! They want to find a dress that shows off their God-given features but also makes them feel comfy and confident. 

First dates are a great time to wear sexy dresses. You can pull off a sleeve shirt, pink puff sleeve dress, puff sleeve maxi dress, or something similar.

Wearing a sexy dress for your first date will show the person you're with that you're confident in the skin you're in. People find confidence attractive, and what better way to exude that than by showing off those dangerous curves?

Not to mention, it will kickstart the conversation. Rather than coming in dressed in muted colors and looking shy, wearing something like a bright pink dress will show them you're there to have fun! It's the exact message others want to see on a first date!

2. Funeral

Contrary to popular belief, black clothing isn't the only color that you can wear to a funeral.

However, we should first preface this by saying it depends on the person whose life you're celebrating. If you're unsure, ask the deceased person's loved ones what they prefer. A majority of them will tell you to wear whatever you'd like!

Sexy dresses are the perfect way to set the stage for a celebration of life, not a mourning of it. 

Maybe you can't decide what to wear to a funeral. For our money, we advise things like wearing a colorful pink puff dress or a white mini dress. These will allow you to break tradition without being too over-the-top.

A nice side note: wearing your sexy dresses to a funeral will have all of the cute guys in attendance focusing on you. You might be surprised at how common it is to meet someone new while at a wake, a funeral service, or the luncheon afterward.

Wearing a sexy dress will give you an advantage if that were to happen. Think of it this way: why should you hide who you are just because you're attending the funeral of a loved one? Odds are, that person wouldn't want you to hide your personality either!

3. Birthday Party

Maybe you're looking for the perfect birthday dress to wear on your own birthday that's coming up. Perhaps you're attending the birthday party of a love interest's and want to make him feel like you're the birthday present he needs.

Whatever the case might be, we have many sexy dresses in our inventory that are sure to light a spark in your love life.

Not sure what to wear for a birthday? We recommend choosing light-colored sexy dresses in order to direct all of the attention on you.

Pieces like our Ziah Mini Dress or this Kevis Asymmetric Dress are sure to send a charge throughout your wardrobe!

Remember, birthday parties are a time where everyone is dressing to impress. Whether you're a single lady or someone celebrating the birthday of your spouse, you deserve to feel good about yourself by wearing some sexy dresses!

4. Wedding

Just like birthday parties and funerals, weddings are a celebration. You should celebrate the occasion by wearing something sexy and eye-popping.

If you're a single lady, then you might be hoping to meet someone at the wedding you're going to. That isn't just a Hollywood thing, finding love interests at reception is very much a thing! We'd be willing to bet that you'll flirt with at least one person you'd never met before.

You want to wear something sexy for when that happens, right? Show all the guys on the dance floor that you're their primary focus during the wedding events.

5. All White Party

In this case, the fashion is in the title of the event. As the name would imply, all-white parties require attendees to wear clothing that is almost all white.

It makes for a fun aesthetic in which everyone is unified and among a level playing field. However, you can still set yourself apart by wearing white sexy dresses to the events. 

We recommend this Livi Wrap Dress for a white sexy dress option that will separate you from the crowd. It shows sexiness and sophistication! 

Check into our all white puff sleeve dress as another option to consider as well. It's silky, classy, elegant and is a great at drawing all eyes to you. 


Invest in Sexy Dresses for These Occasions and More

Now that you have seen a list of occasions in which sexy dresses are your answer for "what to wear", be sure to stock up on some great new pieces for your wardrobe!

Be sure to read this article for more information on why we think you will love the Joyce Puff Sleeve Dress.

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