The Top Five Essential Shoe Styles to Always Have in Your Closet - By Iman Akilah



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July 04, 2020 3 min read

Calling all shoeaholics! Read this before you add any more items to your cart from your couch. Yes, we know a thing or two about quarantine retail therapy too, girl. First things first, we know you have more pairs than you know what to do with. But, make sure you have all of theessential shoe styles to always have in your closet. Each one of these styles can elevate and/or ground your outfits -- including our very own Joyce Dress! Now, let’s kick off the list with a bang:

Statement Stilettos

This is the type of heel that makes a statement on its own. Whether that means it has a bright color, bold print, or unique texture is up to your individual preferences. Take the opportunity to wear this shoe to show off your personality. We’re loving this metallic bow moment from the new Twelve AM x NL collection that just dropped in June. It makes the perfect match for our Joyce dress in white.

Slingback Strap

A slingback strap is shaped into a v in order to conform to your foot, giving you the support you need. Even more, it helps to elongate your legs by not cutting off your ankle. You can wear this style casually at a lunch date or at a formal work mixer. Modernize the style by looking for pairs with a signature detail or unique silhouette. We have our eyes on the Marion 85MM from Malone Souileirs. When paired with our Joyce dress in teal, it makes for a stunning look for a night out on the town!

Nude Pump

Every woman needs a nude pump in her wardrobe. It’s arguably one of the most important essential shoe styles to always have in your closet. Let’s be real, though. It can be hard to find nudeanything, and shoes are no exception. Luckily, our good sis Aurora James created a whole line around this issue for her successful shoe and leather goods brand, Brother Vellies. Her line of nude shoes comes in nine unique shades, so you can guarantee you’ll find your perfect match. Wear your new nude pumps with your Joyce dress in pink to make your curves the statement sis!

Open Toe Mule

Although mules have been around for centuries, they haven’t had too many peak moments with just the 50’s and 80’s being notable. But, things have changed. In 2017, mules trended for the first time in decades and now it’s earned a spot in our wardrobes permanently. So, we suggest you invest in a neutral pair that you can wear time and time again with several looks. Look for styles with subtle details like multiple textures, such as this simple yet chic all-black pair from Ilyia that blends patent and suede leather.

Classic Sneakers

No matter the quality of a high heel, they are hard to wear after a while. That is all the reason to have a handy pair of white sneakers in your closet. They provide the best comfort and versatility. Now, there are a ton to choose from, so first grab a pair that suits your style. Don’t know where to begin? Think about the shape and size of the shoe. If you want to look more sleek and slim, go for styles like the classic leather Reebok or Nike Cortez. On the other hand, if you want a chunkier shoe, try the Cali shoe from Puma or the Disruptor 2 from Fila.


So, do you have the five essential shoe styles to always have in your closet? If you do, congratulations, you are a certified shoe goddess! If you don’t yet, give our recommendations a try! They all pair perfectly with the Joyce Dress, so you'll never have a shortage of looks!