Here's Why Denim is the New Neutral - By Iman Akilah



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June 26, 2020 2 min read

I think we can all agree on one fashion truth: denim is the new neutral. What do we mean by that? It. Goes. With. Everything. Whether it’s designer or mass market, denim will never go out of style. 

We grew up wearing it, our parents, and grandparents too. Even today most of us wear it in some form on the regular, and that won’t change in the future, either. Keep reading for tips on how to wear the staple this summer!

Style Versatility 

We love denim for its versatility in style. Yes, a pair of blue jeans is probably the first type of denim garment you think of. However, we can’t forget about jackets, dresses, shorts, shoes, handbags, and more.

During the heat of the summer though, you will likely stick with dresses and shorts. When it comes to shorts, we suggest looking for pairs with a high rise. The high rise will accentuate your waist and elongate your legs at the same time. Go for options with a little bit of stretch for the best figure-flattering fit. 

When it comes to a denim dress, we suggest you shop for a structured, high-quality piece. The “Joyce” from Iman Akilah is an excellent example. For starters, it has a universally flattering mid-thigh hemline. The princess seam cinches the waist, and the volume in the hips and puff sleeves creates an hourglass shape. Even more, “Joyce” is made with a lightweight twill. This means it’s more breathable than traditional heavyweight denim. 

Classic Blue 

Just as much as we love the fabric, we love classic denim blue colors. In fact, the “Joyce” dress in denim is a best seller (no surprise there!). It’s said that these shades are the most popular because of the way that certainchemicals in the dye interact with cotton. Instead of penetrating cotton fibers, indigo dye stays on the surface. As a result, jeans gain that faded look with each wash. 

All in all, denim is the new neutral that will live on in our closets forever. It’s durability, comfort, and style versatility make it one of the most multi-functional types of clothing.