5 Ways to Style the Joyce Puff Sleeve Dress - By Iman Akilah



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May 15, 2020 3 min read

Ladies, this is NOT a drill. The ultimate feminine, classy, and cute dress for Summer (Fall, and every season in between) is here! I’ve been working on this little number for a hot minute to get it JUST right for my girls with ALL the curves, and I’m so excited to finally share it with you. I am just thrilled about designing clothes for curvy women. I earn a living doing what I love and that is as good as life gets. If I can inspired women to be bold, beautiful and walk with confidence, I am fulfilling my dreams. But without further ado, I’d like to introduce you all the Joyce Puff Sleeve dress. 


Affectionately named after my grandmother Lucinda Joyce. The Joyce Puff Sleeve dress embodies the confident woman, and everything Lucinda exhibited -- sassy, refined, and classy! My grandmother (also known to me as Mother) taught me so much about femininity and style. I put a lot of thought into every detail of this dress so that I can honor her legacy while sharing everything she taught me with all my fly girls. The Joyce Puff Sleeve Dress is one of my favorite designs to date, and it will surely become “the” favorite piece in your wardrobe!


Styling ThePink Puff Sleeve Dress For Any Occasion

Iman Clothing Makes Clothes For Curvy Women

Let’s get into these details, honey! I know firsthand how difficult it is to put together outfits for curvy figures, especially when it comes to dainty, feminine dresses. Oftentimes, feminine dresses aren’t designed to be outfits for curvy figures.  I purposefully designed our collection to emphasize all of the important details that I knew would make my fellow curvy girls feel confident, sexy, and ready to hit the town (when it opens back up, of course). 


This Blue Puff Sleeve Dress Will Turn Heads A Second Time 

First of all, can we talk about these puff sleeves?! Dainty puff sleeves just make my heart melt into pieces. Not only are they super cute and feminine, but they add the perfect touch of flair that makes everyone look twice. When paired with the Princess seam stitching featured on the Joyce Puff Sleeve Dress, it’s a match made in heaven that’ll have your curves looking right!


The Teal Puff Sleeve Dress Is Unique And Stands Out In A Crowd.   


The Joyce Puff Mini Dress is also made with a sculpting stretch fabric that forms to your curves and creates a slimming fit. This fabric is also key to the dramatic silhouette around the hips that create the hourglass shape we curvy girls LOVE -- because what’s the purpose of having gorgeous curvy figure if your going to flaunt and show off?


Need Help Deciding What To Wear? The Yellow Puff Sleeve Dress is a versatile fit for any occasion.

I’m sure you’ve heard the “Leg or Cleavage’ rule -- when it comes to showing skin, you should either show your cleavage or your legs, but never both. The Joyce Puff Sleeve Dress features a high scoop neckline with a mid-thigh hemline so those legs can be on SHOW without showing too much skin. This perfect balance is what makes this dress curvy girl friendly for almost any occasion from day to night.

Try The Iman Akilah Clothing Line & Receive A Discount

If you couldn’t tell, I absolutely adore the white puff sleeve dress and it is a staple of every curvy woman’s wardrobe. We are so confident that you’ll love our assortments of Joyce dresses, that we think you’ll keep coming back for more of our product line.


You’ll love how our dresses highlight your curves, you’ll love the quality of the fabric and you’ll definitely be flattered by the complements that come your way as you strut your stuff. We invite you to even look at some of fashion brands that make the puff sleeve dress just like us. The h&m puff sleeve dress has a great price point and is a great deal for women’s clothing, but we don’t think you’d get nearly the amount of complements you’d get with one of our dresses.  We are all about highlighting full figured and curvy women while also inspiring you to be great and look great.     


Let us get started on your first purchase with we will throw in a face mask that matches your Joyce puff dress. Use the coupon code “MASKON” to receive a matching face mask with your order.