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April 24, 2022 2 min read

Hey Babes, and welcome back to my weekly fashion designer blog.

This week was super productive! It started off slow because Amazon didn't deliver my Singer ProFinish Serger on Monday as expected. The Singer ProFinish Serger did not deliver until Wednesday. Once I unboxed the serger, I set it up and tried to finish the Joyce Dress in Denim. But the tensions were too loose.

Pro Tip: if the upper thread tension is too loose turn the dial up, turn it up slowly so you can monitor what worked without dialing up too much.

This month, I introduced our Fashion Accessories to the Iman Akilah Collection. I'm offering our headbands on our website for free in exchange for an email address -- this is our LEAD MAGNET! You must have a lead magnet in your business boo. 

By Iman Akilah Elastic Headbands for Women

It's important for me to show my fashion design and apparel production process. I've been posting since March on TikTok 4x per day/28 posts per week to drive organic traffic to the By Iman Akilah website. This week wasn't nearly as successful as I planned for, however if I'm being honest - it's because I have not exhausted all of my strategy.

We're in second quarter and my growth goals this quarter are rooted in being consistent, brand awareness and building community. I'm using TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to grow organically. 

YouTube - Weekly Vlog or Sewing Tip

Instagram - Reels and Stories

TikTok - 4-10 Short Form Videos per Day

I use email and SMS to build community and a deeper relationship with my community through three emails per week and at least 2 text messages a week.

My biggest growth goal this year is to increase my email list, so everyday and every chance I get I'm mentioning our FREE HEADBANDS! 

I have been hella busy working on orders this week and creating content that I didn't finish the back of house tasks I have - scheduling emails, SMS, social media posts, customer service.

My sales goal this month is to sell 70 dresses, but this week we only sold ONE dress. 570 Website Visitors, 9 Add to Carts, 3 Reached Checkout and 1 Purchaser. My Conversion Rate was only .18%

By Iman Akilah Sales April 3-9, 2022 - Growing Independent Fashion Brand Organically

I'm going into next week focused on improving my customer experience when on the website. What can I do to increase my conversion rate, and decrease the hesitation to purchase?

I need to think of ways to get people to purchase through the content I'm creating. Next week, I'm releasing a new dress on Friday so I'll be focusing on pushing that dress which drops 4/15 at 10am

I still need to finish sewing two yellow puff sleeve dresses for customers. I have fabric coming in this week on Wednesday from my favorites over at SwatchOn (this is wear I get my fabric - 10/10 would recommend).

Next Week I will post 7 Instagram Reels, I will post 28 TikTok Videos, I will share a new Fashion Vlog on YouTube and I will post two blog posts - our Mother's Day Gift Guide and 4/3 - 4/9 Fashion Diary (which is this post) WHOOP WHOOP!

We're growing this independent fashion brand together. So let's do it!

xo, Iman

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