Day in the Life of Independent Fashion Designer: Iman Akilah - Week 3 - By Iman Akilah



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April 24, 2022 3 min read

Hey Babes,

Welcome back to this Weeks Day in the Life of a Fashion Designer! My weekly read of what I've done and accomplished to pushing the needle a little further to building a successful independent fashion brand.

If I'm being honest, this week was complete hell. It was hard.

For starters, I learned my seamstress has injured her hands and isn't able to sew for me for a month or more. My seamstress is one of the best seamstresses I've ever met. Her work is consistent and never misses a beat.

Then, I've just been feeling this feeling of failure. When I took the vow to growing my brand organically and not spending money on ads - I knew it'll get hard, but damn is this shit humbling!

In March, I applied for 5 grants - I was denied for 4 of the 5 and still haven't heard back about the 5th so I'm assuming that was a denial as well.

I wasn't able to send any emails this week because my email account is down so I wasn't able to nurture any of my leads. I didn't send any text messages because I just haven't felt up to it. 

But I have been posting on TikTok and Instagram religiously. I've grown my community by 96 new followers on TikTok and 15 on Instagram, but we lost 16 followers 🤔 ! I HAVE TO LAUGH BECAUSE I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!

I had 596 Website Visitors, 9 people added to cart, 5 people reached checkout and I had 1 purchaser - I'm not sure why it doesn't show on the image below

By Iman Akilah Sales Tracker April 17-23, 2022

I did accomplish a complete rebrand of the fashion label. The logo, the colors, the imagery just scream fun, exciting and ready to party to me! Let me know in the comments if you agree.

I decided to focus solely on creating sexy birthday dress content. Since all of my customer data is already telling me that that's what my customers are purchasing from me for - to celebrate their birthday's in.

I also started doing this affirmation journaling - I'm writing one goal in my journal 55x per day (this is something I learned on TikTok), so we'll see if it works.

I planned out my blog post entries for the next 6 weeks. I'm automating my SMS posts for next week today and planning out my content to batch record for Instagram and TikTok.

I refuse to take last weeks disappointment into this fresh and new week. Tomorrow is Monday and we're going to make it a successful and profitable week. 

My goal is to sell at least 7 dresses - that's 1 dress per day! I'm going to do a bit of customer discovery this week to see what the website is missing to make purchasing decisions easier to make. 

Once I automate the things that can be automated, it makes the week go by so much smoother! 

Next Week, I'll share my blog posts on Pinterest as well as Reddit. 

I'll add going LIVE daily into my strategy as well!

Be sure to come back next week to see how I did. Keep me and my brand in your prayers.

And remember, if it were easy - EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING IT!

xo, Iman

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