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April 24, 2022 3 min read

Hey Babes and Welcome Back to the By Iman Akilah weekly Fashion Designer Blog.

This week I'm going to talk to you about dress launches and why you must plan in order to be successful.

I must start this entry off by admitting to be a procrastinator. And sometimes not even on purpose. I will plan to do something and get lost in doing other things that it honestly slips my mind.

Well Babes. I planned to drop a new Dress on the 15th, but I didn't start the pattern until the 10th. Your girl knows patterns, so I thought it won't take me much time, I'll just make it and go from there. Well damn was I wrong.

I STRUGGLED to make that pattern. I remade the bra cups 4x, the fit was all wrong along the hips, I remade the straps that tie across your shoulder 2x and I still have NOT released the dress. And probably won't until May.

By Iman Akilah | Making a new Dress Design | Colorful Dress Design


The week was so stressful, which could've all been avoided if I planned correctly.

When you're making a new garment you must pattern, sample, do a fitting of the sample, then correct the fit and make your final garment.

But because I was in the thick of it - I rushed the process and skipped steps that I normally wouldn't have.

When you're launching a new product you have to have time to make it, time to promote it before it launches (BUILD UP EXCITEMENT), time to promote it once you launch it and time to really introduce it to a larger audience once you have customer feedback and reviews.

I completely dropped the ball on the launch, but I will launch it properly in May.

Because I was so overwhelmed with constructing this design, I did not show up for my community this week, which resulted in not executing my strategy to support my GROWTH GOALS.

I had 449 website visitors, 12 add to carts, 7 people reached checkout and NO PURCHASERS. That is the worst feeling in the world. But I am determined to focus on ORGANIC GROWTH and not spend money on Facebook and Instagram ads.

 By Iman Akilah | Sales Report April 3-9, 2022

Growing a brand organically is HARD! I'm seeing that I must show up a lot more. People are being introduced to my brand for the first time and they'll be slower to become a fan of the brand.

I am going to spend some time next week updating my email series to making sure it converts my leads into purchasers.

What I have learned through my data is that it takes my women 7-9 times to interact with my brand before they become a purchaser.

Which I'm going to make easier with my emails and SMS communications.

Next Week, I'm going to reach my growth goals. I chatted with my good friend Alyssia and she challenged me to a goal that I am going to reach. Every day with my marketing efforts - I am going to reach 5,000 people. 

I am going to show my content every day to 5,000 people. Through my TikTok videos, IG stories, youtube videos and shorts and IG reels. My goal is to reach 5,000 people.

Make sure you come back next week to see how I did! You know we're building this brand together and your girl needs your support.

xo, Iman

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